Fan Remixes
These mixes are made by the fans and they aren't officially released anywhere. I'll try to support all new musicans and The Prodigy lovers here, so please send your own remixes to and I'll add them to this site.

If you download and listen a track then please give your vote and show your support for the remixers.

Copyright notes
Copyright recordings, music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Take Me To The Hospital / Cooking Vinyl - for original performances by The Prodigy, check-out the official channel at

If you like the music, please buy an official Prodigy cassette/CD/LP/download and support the Prodigy, Take Me To The Hospital and XL Recordings.

3 Kilos (DJ Wannabe Remix) 14829 downloads
Baby's Got A Temper (DJ Evacuator Drum Bass Super Mix) 13397 downloads
Baby's Got A Temper (DJ KaiseR Mix) 30801 downloads
Baby's Got A Temper (EXistation Remix) 11973 downloads
Baby's Got A Temper (Funky Jesus Mix) 14617 downloads
Baby's Got A Temper (Sherwood Royal Disco Mix) 73 downloads
Baby's Got A Temper (theSecond Division Remix) 67 downloads
Break And Enter (Hydrogen Remix) 6007 downloads
Break And Enter (SP's D+B Mix) 5271 downloads
Breathe 2003 (Da White Instrumental Club Mix) 10864 downloads
Breathe 2003 (Da White Instrumental Radio Edit) 8779 downloads
Breathe (DJ Braindrain Mix) 5712 downloads
Breathe (Technophobic Remix) 24086 downloads
The Prodigy (Baby D) - Casanova [N-joy's Remix] 4866 downloads
Carmen Queasy (N.E.K.O.) [by The Second Division] 10749 downloads
Charly (Lothario Mix) 10225 downloads
Charly (Motor Mix) 11125 downloads
Everybody In The Place (Poison Pro's 'Back In 1991' Mix) 9342 downloads
Firestarter (DJ Tommy Psycho Trip Mix) 10090 downloads
Firestarter (Eminent UK Remix) 12606 downloads
Firestarter (Profane Remix) 37246 downloads
Fuel My Fire (Hellish Mix) 37246 downloads
Full Throttle (Electronica Mix) 22868 downloads
Full Throttle (Lothario Mix) 8023 downloads
Funky Shit (Happy Gilmore Mix) 7192 downloads
Funky Shit (DJ Wayfarer Remix) 4576 downloads
Funky Shit (The Second Division Remix) 11697 downloads
Funky Shit (Skunk Remix) 34731 downloads
Funky Shit (Skrech Remix) 6103 downloads
Girls (BanKuKenaS RMX) 2214 downloads
Girls (Beatmaster JML Mix) 2224 downloads
Girls (Bitchslap Remix) 1283 downloads
Girls (Chill Out Girls) 1145 downloads
Girls (Cossack Remix) 1178 downloads
Girls (Deviated Mix) 1167 downloads
Girls (Jaimie Fanatic remix) 1274 downloads
Girls (JR Master Mix) 81 downloads
Girls (Lothario Remix) 78 downloads
Girls (Mark Roberts remix) 83 downloads
Girls (MoreGirls BigSugar Amalgamation FanMix) 5265 downloads
Girls (Nasty Remix) 2240 downloads
Girls (One Armed Boxer Remix) 78 downloads
Girls (Professor Zoom Mix) 3028 downloads
Girls (TiMG Remix) 73 downloads
Invaders Must Die (Dean Del Remix) 1734 downloads
Invaders Must Die (Milo Firewater Remix) 1930 downloads
Invaders Must Die (SLIKANEE Remix) 907 downloads
Invaders Must Die (Splitloop edit) 908 downloads
Little Goblin (Rolmo's Rollover Mix) 5612 downloads
Minefields (StarCraft Techno Mix) 471 downloads
Narayan (Ben Lewis Remix) 7154 downloads
Narayan (Red Square Echo) 10849 downloads
No Good (Aquila's Electrofunk Remix) 4883 downloads
No Good (Jack G Drum n Bass Remix) 79 downloads
No Good (Justmade Remix) 6408 downloads
No Good (Kesko bootleg) 80 downloads
No Good (Neoraider Rave Remix) 9536 downloads
One Man Army (The Second Division Remix) 8108 downloads
Poison [Da White Out Of Rule RMX] 3992 downloads
Rock 'N' Roll (The Second Division Remix) 8203 downloads
Skylined (Whatever Remix) 3258 downloads
Sacrifice My Bitch Up (featuring Lisa Gerrard) 5078 downloads
Smack My Bitch Up (Da White Hard Club Mix) 5756 downloads
Smack My Bitch Up (Devolved Mix) 43025 downloads
Smack My Bitch Up (Drostmix) 15932 downloads
Smack My Bitch Up (Lothario Coke Mix) 7289 downloads
Their Law (Arie's Remix) 7023 downloads
Their Law (Cyanide Remix) 5085 downloads
Their Law (Isos Arf Remix) 6373 downloads
Voodoo People (2002 ConKuss Mix) 8274 downloads
Voodoo People (Electronica Mix) 9654 downloads
Voodoo People (Hysterical Remix By Saku And The Ant) 8387 downloads
Voodoo People (SIRK Remix) 4783 downloads
Voodoo People (ZVOOK 2009 Remix) 78 downloads
Voodoo People (Zyznik Drumandbass Rmx) 74 downloads
Weather Experience (Pyro-C Chillout Mix) 14836 downloads
We Eat Rhythm (Eminent UK Remix) 7269 downloads
What Evil Lurks (Eminent UK Remix) 6905 downloads
Your Love 2003 (Da White Promo Mix) 6287 downloads
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