The Prodigy - Fire music video

Director: Russel Curtis
Producer: Emma Davis 

There is a Fire video, but it was a very low budget job and they had many problems while shooting it. It featured 3D -rendered computer animation of a fiery satanic head in flames as a car with members of the band flew into it's mouth. Parts of the video were supposed to be set around a mountainside campfire in Wales September 1992, with the camera zooming into the heads of each member of the band, and viewing their thoughts. There was of course the ultra-rapid dancin' that is missing from the more recent videos.

At that time Liam was very angry for magazine called Mix Mag. The reason was an article that appeared in the August issue of Mix Mag entitled "Did Charly killed the rave?", which with some pungent remarks denounced the whole crebility of the Prodigy. In the end of the video Liam walks near a bonfire. Then he takes a copy of Mix Mag from his pocket. On the cover is a picture of himself pointing gun to his head. He throws the magazine into the flames, and remains by the fire making sure sure all the pages are burnt. The music in the video was from Fire (Edit), not Fire (Sunrise Version). This is very rare video, which wasn't included on the Electronic Punks VHS neither Their Law DVD because of it's poor quality.

The famous Mix Mag article

Mix Mag - August 1992 "Did Charly Kill Rave? by Dom Phillips"

August 1992 "Did Charly Kill Rave?"August 1992 "Did Charly Kill Rave?"August 1992 "Did Charly Kill Rave?"August 1992 "Did Charly Kill Rave?"August 1992 "Did Charly Kill Rave?"

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